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Information about Eat and Run Verification Site. 

It seems eat-and-run was created with good intentions: to be a source of science and facts about running and diet, something undoubtedly needed as there is so much misinformation and confusion regarding these issues out there! However, this website has its share of problems which we will go over in this article.

What eat-and-run offers: 먹튀검증사이트 tries to do everything actually, from telling you why old cardio dogma is wrong to what are the best supplements for runners (hint: creatine), what are the consequences of overeating fat, what is a lousy diet and how to eat for your goals.

This would be a good thing if eat-and-run did it right, of course. However, eat-and-run will give you some very wrong or at least incomplete information on many issues that runners care about, such as:

Why might this kind of information be misleading? Eat-and-run’s primary source appears to be the scientific journal called eat – run. This is also fine, but unfortunately, eat – run seems to do scientific papers on all kinds of invalid or irrelevant research (for example, flawed studies about the benefits of using music during training). And eat – run does not appear to review its papers, so there are results published in eating – run that eat-and-run site refers to without mentioning effects in eat – run that conflict with the eat-and-run claims.

Why eat and run is unreliable: It appears that eat and run has no review process for its articles; it will simply present an isolated study without context or relevance to any other studies on the same issue; this is a massive problem for eat and run as there are thousands of running nutrition studies out there! Eat-and-run does not present enough context to tell us if the proposed study is valid or relevant.

In addition, eat-and-run seems to have no author who can be contacted directly to ask questions about eat-and-run, making it challenging to validate its claims. This means the only way you can rely on eat-and-run is by blindly trusting eat-and-run information without checking on your own if it relates correctly with other available information.

The consequence: eat and run does not provide us with any reliable scientific source for its articles. In some cases, eat and run appears wrong on some issues it discusses; in others, it presents fanatical ideas that are not backed up by scientific research. Eat-and-run is far from being a reliable source for anything.

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