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Be Familiar With How 4D Lottery Singapore Works

Singapore’s 4D lottery is a well-known lottery. Every draw of the lottery features 23 different winning numbers. The 4D Lottery Singapore game requires a minimum stake of $1 to begin playing. This $1 figure includes GST.

How 4D lottery works?

You only need to select a 4digit number from 0000 and 9999. The minimum bet is SGD1 and increases as the game progresses. Each round against the game has 23 numbers getting drawn. The various types of bets are as follows:


The simplest type of 4D wager is an ordinary bet in Singapore online betting. Keep the squares blank if you want to buy a standard-bet.

Admission into the system

The chosen number will get repeated by all possible combinations and will have all potential permutations. 

If you need to increase your winning chances, this is where you must gamble. Although this covers all of your bases and provides a greater reward, the ticket’s price will automatically rise as well. 


System entry is comparable to iBet. Instead of paying more for system entry bets, participants must pay only SGD$1. The drawback is that your winnings will get diminished as well. To purchase an iBet entry, darken the appropriate square.

Rolling in 4D

Finally, you have three numbers to pick from, with the letter ‘R’ indicating the fourth digit. For the 4D roll, the sequence of the numbers picked will get evaluated. To purchase a 4D roll entry, keep the squares blank but shade on the A, B, C, and D rows’ appropriate places.


If you’re ever stumped for a number or feel lucky in general, this is the game for you. Quickpick scrambles and generates a collection of random numbers for you using the technique. You should leave the squares blank if you want to buy a Quickpick entry.

Select a Small or Large Bead

Choose between a large or small stake, then choose the amount you want to wager. The difference is that because the massive bet includes the lower tier rewards, it has a better chance of winning. The little bet awards the prizes. It means that if you make a big bet, you’ll be eligible for all 23 rewards, from first to last. If you play a tiny amount and your 4D numbers are correct, you will win the first, second, or third prize. If you win on a modest wager, your reward money will be larger than if you had bet.

Purchase at the Cash Register

Go to the Singapore Pools desk and exchange your completed document for an official ticket. The ticket shown above is a sample of what you’ll get after turning in your shaded sheet and wager money.

4D Strategies for Success

  • If you’re new to the 4D game, it’s an excellent idea to do some research on previous outcomes. The majority of individuals make informed judgments based on the frequency with which a specific number appears.
  • Use relevant numbers or dates such as birthdays, horoscopes, or anniversaries.
  • Some individuals believe in numerology or a lucky or unlucky occurrence. It’s typically just a game of numbers, where you have to manipulate digits like your birth year or your license plate number.



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